What are we offering?


Restoration (Latin restavratio - Recovery) - the process of recovery, and returning of the original technical condition and type of component that is being renovated. The main objective of the restoration - to restore function and eliminate the defects received during exploitation.
Restoration of the clutch units - a process of recovery, which provides high quality functionality of clutch components, which, in turn, correspond to specifications of the original condition of parts from the manufacturer.
During restoration, we do the following:
- Clutch disks - replacement of damper springs, frictional linings, removal of excess clearances and other defects through the use of high-tech equipment for surfacing of metal and replacing of parts that can not be restored.
- Clutch baskets - carried out the planning and alignment of the working part of pressure plate (and it's replacement, if necessary) adjusting the clearances of clutch-release paws per changes of thickness of the pressure plate, restoration or replacement of the central spring.
- Flywheels - carried out planning, alignment of the working part and balancing.
German and Italian production components are used for the restoration, such as Luk, Raybestos, Sachs, Valeo.
After the restoration the restored parts are being tested for the compliance with the technical condition and functionality on the specialized rigs.


Today, the company "Vend" offers new and used spare parts from leading manufacturers (SACHS, LuK, Valeo, SKF, Knorr-Bremse, Eurorikambi, KAWE, Febi, Konsberg and others) for nodes of clutch and transmission of all types of trucks and buses.
Here you will find:
- Clutch kits: clutch discs, clutch covers, flywheels, clutch release bearings, flywheel bearings;
- Clutch control system: master cylinders, working cylinders;
- Spare parts for gearbox: synchrones, gears, shafts, stuffing boxes.
Our company will be happy to give you professional advice and help in finding and ordering the necessary parts!

Clutch discs manufacturing

Thanks to the accumulated experience of restoration and repair of clutch discs and baskets our company has started manufacturing its own clutch.
In the manufacture of clutch discs we use high-quality components from Germany, Italy and Great Britain.
Discs that produces by our company are suitable for such buses as "Bogdan" and "Etalon".
Many years of experience in operating our discs demonstrated their high reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness of their use.


In our company functioning a service station equipped with all necessary tools for a qualified repair of trucks (European and domestically produced), buses, building and agricultural machinery of all makes.
We offer a full range of repair and restoration of the clutch, and renovation of compressor and gearbox:
-Diagnosis and determining the causes of failure or malfunction of the clutch;
-Qualified removal and installation of gearbox;
-Restoration and replacement of all damaged parts of the clutch: springs, central springs, friction plates, hubs, pressure plates and other parts;
-Full recovery of clutch work quality and standards of the manufacturer;
-Selection of spare parts and order parts at low prices.
Qualified workers of "Vend" car-care center are always happy to answer all your questions and give professional consultation in the field of restoration, replacement of clutch components and renovation of of gearboxes.