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Restoration of clutches

The restoration of clutch units is a process of recovery, which ensures high quality functionality of clutch units, which, meet the technical requirements of the initial state of spare parts from the manufacturer.

Production of clutch discs

Thanks to the accumulated experience in restoring and repairing discs and clutch baskets, our company has begun production of our own clutch discs.
In the process of manufacturing clutch discs, we use high-quality components of high carbon steel and imported frictional linings.

Automobile repair shop

At our enterprise there is a service station equipped with all necessary tools for qualified repairment of trucks (European and domestic production), buses, construction, agricultural machinery of any brands and military equipment.

Spare parts

A large selection of spare parts for clutches. Flywheels, clutch discs, clutch baskets, exhaust bearings and others. During the years of our work we have organized access to a big number of spare parts.

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Professional Restoration of clutch units

For over 15 years we have been engaged in complex restoration of clutch units for trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machinery

Damaged flywheel housing

Dashpot Damage

Numerous corrosion

Lost facings


Worn out disk facings

Deterioration of friction surface

diaphragm spring damage

We produce disks for trucks, buses, construction, agricultural and military equipment

Production of clutch discs

Thanks to the accumulated experience of repairing and replacing clutch units, we began to produce our own clutch discs.

Choosing to cooperate with our company, you will receive impeccable quality in service and restoration of clutch units, availability and order of all necessary components for clutch units and gearboxes, low prices and consultations of our specialists, as well as delivery within Ukraine..