Repair and restoration of clutch discs

Restoration of clutch disks

Complex repair of clutch discs

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Only the best specialists work for us to help you solve any problem with your car. When you contact the company “VEND” for repairing the clutch discs, you get not only detailed advice, but also quality work done in the shortest possible time. The cost of repairing the coupling disk will depend not only on the complexity of the failure, but also on the brand of your car.

If you have a car, you will soon need to repair clutch disks. Restoration of clutch discs does not force itself to wait long. Having traveled 20 and more thousand kilometers, do not be lazy to do the regulation of clutch discs. After all, nothing is eternal and the car’s clutch system may also fail. Take into account also worth jerking and noise when the clutch reacts, its vibrations, jerks, and slippage. They indicate a malfunction. If there is an increased pressure on the clutch pedal, you should expect the wear of the compression bearing or the lubrication grease in the lubrication ditches. Repairs, replacement of clutch disks occur in the event of failure of the clutch control system. The deformation of the springs, the so-called “petals”, is often the cause of a breakdown. To correct the clutch control system, an ignorant motorist should contact the masters. But if you have the hands and the necessary tools and knowledge that our qualified specialists have for many years, then you would not look for repair, replacement or restoration of the clutch disks.

Repair and restoration of clutch discs

Replacement of damper springs, elimination of excessive gaps, backlashes and surface development using high-tech methods using metal surfacing, replacement of parts that can not be repaired, replacement of friction linings, painting and other work stipulated by the regulations.

Repair of a pressure plate

Adjusting the clearance of the presser foots in order to change the thickness of the pressure plate after grinding, grinding the pressure plate (if necessary, complete replacement), restoration or replacement of the pressure sun (diaphragm spring).

Repair flywheels

There is a complete disassembly of the flywheel, defecting, elimination of production in places of friction, the manufacture of new parts requiring replacement, reverse assembly, balancing, grinding of the pressure plate

Repair of two-mass flywheels

Provides for a comprehensive analysis of the mechanism and replacement of all damaged elements.

Damaged flywheel housing

Dashpot Damage

Numerous corrosion

Lost facings


Worn out disk facings

Deterioration of friction surface

diaphragm spring damage