Spare parts

Spare parts

Free consultation


Our company provides a large selection of clutch flywheels. You can always consult on which flywheel to choose or how to buy a flywheel.

Clutch disks

We manufacture and supply disks of clutch in Ukraine. You can buy a clutch disk on our sites by consulting or calling one of our numbers. A huge selection of clutch discs.

Pressure plate

On our site you can order the model of the pressure plate of the clutch. Our company provides a huge selection of pressure plates.

Two-mass flywheels

In addition to simple flywheels, we provide a huge selection of two-mass flywheels. Our specialists will be able to find the right model for a two-mass flywheel. Call us.

Spare parts

On our enterprise besides the service station and production of clutch disks. There is a store of spare parts for trucks (European and domestic production), buses, construction, agricultural machinery of any brand and military equipment.

Qualified skilled specialists will pick up a small spare part for your request. If your vehicle requires the immediate installation of any spare parts, our specialists will gladly install it.

In addition to buying spare parts, you can carry out a diagnosis of your vehicle at our service station.

Repair, restoration and replacement of clutch disks

Repair and restoration of clutch flywheels.

Repair and restoration of clutch pressure plates.

Repair that restoration of the two-mass flywheel.